Fabulous Perfumers Training

Fabulous Perfumers Training

Perfume Team

Candy Kuo – Founder of Fabulous Perfumers Training Recognized by UKPA

Candy Kuo who has training as an Aromatherapist in the Joyessence Aromatherapy Centre Canada 2008. She was taught to use the essential oil to promote the health of body, mind and spirit. At same time, she has to learn using naturally essential oils to make perfume. Furthermore she has training as a perfumer in the UK at The Cotswold Perfumery in 2019 and established her own perfumery workshop at same year.

MBHT Fabulous Perfumers Training not only have level one perfume making course but also have level two advanced perfume making course. Level one course is the perfect for anyone who loves perfume or has an interest in perfumery and wants to make their own perfume or for those considering perfumery as a career and Level two advance course are open to Level 1 graduates “who wish to expand upon your knowledge and create custom perfumes for personal interest or commercially”

Completed the Level One beginners perfumery course and Level Two advanced course you will:

  • Understand blending techniques and making perfect blend
  • Understand how perfumes can be grouped into classifications
  • overview of natural and synthetic perfumery materials
  • learning how to structure a perfume and create it from raw material
  • learning to use the equipment of perfume making and testing
  • make your own distinctive perfume
  • learning the role of a creative perfumer
  • how to create perfumes safely and confidently
  • how to create commercially viable fragrances
  • developing your product line and learning how to cost them
  • 100 raw material are used on the level one and level two course